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Welcome To Rashien Wellness Facility

A Glims About Our Facility

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Welcome to our Sanatorium

Explore the beauty of Rasheen and its surrounding area, where the sun shines brighter than other regions of Palestine, time flies in a completely different way,culture meets care, and the natural green is the predominant colour.
Rashien is famous due to historical treasures, hospitality, the , hiking, culture, handcrafts and food. It has preserved its authentic set up, visible in its urban fabric and prestigious architecture, and its traditional life. Visiting different heritage ranging from historic towns to archaeological remains improves happiness and wellbeing, as it helps people to learn about their local history, make connections, form friendships, and develop a sense of civic pride.
Rasheen Sanatorium will be locate on the top of mountains, in the middle of Palestine, about 15km from the Mediterranean, with a view to people who want to rest actively, regenerate their energy and cure different ailments. You will enjoy a cozy and quiet atmosphere, surrounded by an open view of the fauna and flora from the mountains. Its exceptional properties are due to the natural curative brine evaporation with high iodine content and the unique microclimate influenced by the land and sea. Direct contact with nature increases mental health and psychological and spiritual development. Benefits include stress reduction, a sense of coherence and belonging, improved self-confidence and self-discipline, and a broader sense of community.
The rich curative traditions will be combined with the modern wellness philosophy, providing you with a complete renewal for the 21st century. We will promote health and longevity through nutritional care, physical activity and healthy living. We will offer a variety of cleansing and detoxification retreat programs, helping to purify the body, slow down the mind and harmonize the spirit. Your diet and nutritional needs will be supported with healthy cuisine, juicing and professional cleansing staff to guide you.
Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved. Aromatic plants and all kinds of fruit and vegetables will be grown in the farm using environmentally friendly methods. Local species of geese, ducks, chicken, peacocks, goats, sheep and cows will co-exist harmoniously in suitable stables, bringing people to a more sustainable way of living, with ecofriendly practices, eco nature experiences, as horse-riding, bird-watching, hiking trails, daily farming.
Through a combination of lectures, field trips, seminars, practical classes and research projects, students will be able to develop advanced knowledge and skills in Sustainable Agriculture, Food, Veterinary Science and Healthy Science.
Besides our daily activities, fun nights with live music, harmoniously completed by the aromas of the local organic plants will be organized. There will have no monotony here!
Our mission is to provide a safe and sacred space to enliven the body, stimulate the mind, express emotions and renew the spirit. Besides, the tourism development would promote the economy growth of the city, attract investors and professionals from all over the world to contribute and provide high quality of services, spreading the business gradually over the 50 acres of land and making it well known worldwide.

A day pass can be purchased at Rashien.
This day pass can be used without the purchase of a room to explore all the different recreational options on the site like …..
• Animal park
• Zip Lining
• Jeep Safari
• Resort – Lounge
• Nursing Home
This day pass is a great deal for those who do not want to book a stay at the resort but still want to visit all the different sites it has to offer.